Do stress balls really work?

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Do stress balls really work?

Are anti-stress balls really effective?

You've probably seen one of those little round stress balls. You may have received it as a gift or picked it up from a colleague after a hard week's work. Anti-stress balls are popular, but do they really help reduce tension? 
The general consensus is that these toys really help in stressful moments. In fact, there are many reasons why one of these little balls should be a necessary accessory on your desk.

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Stress and the body

As a human, you have probably experienced stress at one time or another. From work at school to romantic relationships, the challenges of everyday life abound. But it is not because it is normal that this anxiety is harmless. Stress has an impact not only on your emotional and mental health, but also on your physical well-being. 

According to the Mayo Clinic, stress can cause physical problems such as headache, upset stomach, muscle tension, sleep disturbances and fatigue. If it is not controlled, it can also contribute to more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. 

So how can you avoid these negative health complications that arise from periods of great anxiety? It turns out that a stress ball can help, according to Dr. David Posen, stress specialist and author of " Is Work Is Killing You?"- "You have all this stress energy - your body is on high alert, but has nowhere to go," Posen told The Huffington Post. "When you are stressed, your body tightens - so a physical release helps to release some of this energy ... The advantage of compression is that it releases some kind of energy - it also prompts you to relax ”.  

While squeezing a stress ball isn't a long-term solution to stress, it can help your body release tension in the present moment. The movement acts as a reminder to relax the muscles that are tight when you are anxious, which can help avoid complications like headaches or pain that accompany long periods of contraction.

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Other benefits of stress balls

While the aptly named stress ball may help release anxiety, that's not the only benefit these little toys offer. For example, playing with a stress ball can help manage and heal scar tissue in your hands. It can also strengthen your hands if you re-educate yourself after recent surgery.  

Anti-stress balls also offer the possibility of increasing concentration. According to a study of a group of students in the Journal of At-Risk Issues, students who used an anti-stress ball in the classroom were less distracted.  

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