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You like to collect squishies? Squishies France puts at your disposal its collection of squishy-unicorn. This sheet provides you with all the information on size, characteristics, weight and other relevant information to accompany your purchase.

Discover Squishy !

The squishies are very soft foam toys designed to be held and squeezed. Word " squishy Means 'to be soft', which means that almost anything that is soft and frothy can be defined as squishy the squishies come in different shapes and sizes, cute squishies animals to squishies realistic-looking food. Some of them are even infused with scents.

In the collection you will find six main types of squishies : None squishy Regular, jumbos, squishies painted and pencil holders. And there are no less than 12 categories in each type. There you will find unicorns, rainbows, galaxies, animals, fruits, food, and more.

Squishy made of safety material

This cute stress reliever toy is made from super soft organic foam that is non-toxic, pleasant to the touch and durable. They are made from polyurethane and designed to be held and squeezed. Inexpensive, very elastic, recyclable, non-dangerous, this gadget is perfect for children. The advantage of this organic material is that it does not constitute a danger for the environment.

The Squishies relieve stress

The squishies are suitable for adults and children who suffer from stress. They help them strengthen the muscles of the forearm. Thus, the fact of squeezing the toy is useful in several respects, in particular for releasing stress, pressure and anger. Besides, the exercise itself is fun. You don't have to be very strong physically to do this, just a push is enough to relieve your stress.

Your Squishy can be taken anywhere

You can take it with you, wherever you go, with family or friends. It is possible to use it in your trips by car, plane and bus. It will help you deal with stress both at work and at school. It is now your pet toy.

Your Squishy is multifunctional

As has already been pointed out, the Squishy suitable for regulating stressful situations in adults as well as in children. Its handling promotes better blood circulation, especially in the hands. You can enjoy it as a fun object with your family or friends. It's not just a relaxation toy. It can also be suitable for birthday gift and other occasions for your friends. It can also be used for interior decoration.

Characteristics of squishies 

Children can easily play with each squishy, throw it away without fear of hurting someone, in safety and flexibility. The squishy has a quality texture, extremely soft or made of a more dense material. Also, it is quite simple to know what kind of squishy you hold. Just squeeze it, release it and let it re-inflate! They can therefore immediately regain shape or take longer to regain their initial shape.

Regarding the size of squishies, it varies depending on the model. You have mini squishies, squishies at the giant size. They are also scented to give you good smells. In addition, the weight varies from model to model.

In terms of the shapes of squishies unicorn, you have them in the shape of donuts, cake, cow, octopus and more. It will be up to you to choose according to your preferences.

Precautions of use

So that your squishy accompany you for a long time, please avoid pulling or twisting it. Small cracks and crackles may appear on the surface. You will also risk tearing your squishy and to see you obliged to part with your toy. For security reasons, the squishy best suited for children over 5 years old. You can opt for a hydro-alcoholic solution to clean it. Dry them after washing, your squishies will become like new.

Note : Some squishies presented on Squishies France may be different from others, because they are hand painted. So don't be surprised that the patterns and colors change slightly from room to room. Also, the lighting effects and color tone of the photos on the website are likely to be slightly different from the actual item, to the point where you will feel that it is not the same room.


The Squishies offered by Squishies France are of very good quality. Buying them on this platform guarantees you top-of-the-range products at the best price. The delivery of your toys is fast and free anywhere in the world from 15 euros of purchase. You can use them for as long as possible, and they are easy to clean.


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Le Squishy of your dreams on Squishies France

Every year kids are clamoring for the crazy new toy at all costs - trends change so quickly that trying to keep pace can give a parent a boost. This year, kids of virtually all ages (including adults!) Are going wild for the squishies, which only raises questions from parents, but what is a squishy ?

We are here to help you. We have worked hard to become pros squishy game.

Descending anti-stress balls, squishies are toys whose main attraction is not only the bright colors and funny characters, but also the possibility of endlessly squeezing them. The most popular of squishies and the squishy "slow growing," which means that when pressed, they take longer to regain their original shape. "This is what makes a squishy is different from a stress ball. It's more satisfying to "squisher".

The general aesthetics of squishies is to represent "cute" characters, or to be more precise "kawaii"- a Japanese word that means cute, in a way. Think of Takashi Murakami, Hello Kitty, or even (to refer to another toy craze) Shopkins (find our blog article on the history of Kawaii). The Kawaii gives an adorable personality to ordinary items like coffee mugs and chocolate bars. To this end, the squishies often have wide eyes and cute smiles painted on them.

But there are not only Squishies adorable, there is something for everyone from realists to terrifying halloween squsihies, find your squishy favorite on Squishies France