How to clean a Squishy ?

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How to clean a Squishy ?

If you often play with your Squishies, you will notice that at times dust collects on them, which makes them rough to the touch and makes their colors more dull. In this article we will show you a quick and easy way to clean your Squishies in just a few steps!

If you are a big fan of Squishies, you will have problems if someone borrows them from you or if you accidentally dirty them outside. This is especially true if you own a Squishy Panda Kawaii, the white parts of the Squishy are fairly easy to stain.

Don't forget to ask an adult for help with the various operations.

So how do you get rid of it? Well, the process is pretty quick and easy, but of course there are some factors to consider. For example, if the Squishy is size Jumbo, you may need to put your back on it. In addition, you should also take into account the dirt of the squishy.
Here are the steps to follow to make sure your squishy stays clean:

Use shaving foam:

clean a squishy with shaving foam

If you have one at home, you can use it. Go get the shaving cream, and be sure to put some cream on the places where there is dirt on your Squishy.

Distribute the cream evenly

Make sure your hands are clean, as you don't want to repeat the process all over again. With your fingertips, spread the cream to cover all parts of your Squishy.

Use a hydroalcoholic solution:

clean a squishy with hydroalcoholic gel

You are not unaware that the hydroalcoholic gel is very trendy right now. Even the Squishies benefit from the cleaning properties of this product. Then take a gel solution.

Pour the solution over your wipes

clean a squishy with dry wipes

Prefer the use of dry baby wipes, but you can use conventional wipes. Once you have let the foam sit for a few minutes, wipe it off with the wipes on which you will have poured your hydroalcoholic gel solution.

Clean and dry your Squishy

Take an extra dry cloth and wipe off the solution residue on your Squishy. You will find that the spots are gone or have diminished.