Where to buy Squishies ?

Where to buy Squishies ?

These little stress relief items for children are becoming increasingly rare. And for good reason, the places to find them are less and less numerous. This deficit is due to the fact that they are not sold every day, and the shops which sell them remain hardly visible. If you are looking for anti-stress, we suggest you visit two places. You can easily acquire your squishies.

The squishies What is that ?

Collection of Squishy

These are small foam objects, which allow children to de-stress more easily. They come in many forms like a simple object, food, animal and character. You will find different models and in the colors you want. They play the same role as a stress ball popular with grown-ups.

When you panic, you press it as many times as possible and quickly to feel better afterwards. This gesture releases the tension accumulated in your muscles and allows you to return to your normal state. These anti-stress objects made of foam satisfy young people. They press them when they are anxious. Children who are fans of the manga universe greatly appreciate these relaxing little objects. But where to find them?

In toy stores and in certain supermarkets.

The best time to find the squishies in these places it is in December and February. These are the two months to spot them despite the stock which is limited. To hope to find your little antidepressant, it's best to start digging early enough. You will feel the sensations of relaxation, of satisfaction.   

If you are concerned about finding one of this jewelry for your child, you can start shopping in stores and supermarkets now. As you know, the month of December, the best time to sell squishies knocking on the door already. You should keep in mind when shopping that mini squishies ou Squishy mochi exist. They are made with soft rubber. On the other hand, their power over stress is limited, although they remain as beautiful as the others.

In online stores

Online stores offer more ranges of squishies compared to toy stores and supermarkets. You can easily order the specimen of your choice and its color. Indeed, if you want a squishy for you, you can go to this address http://squishies-france.com/. Our shop is full of more than 300 models of these small objects. The collection is no longer limited, you have the possibility to buy the unit that tempts you and the color you want.

Our shop is renowned in the distribution of squishies in France and internationally as in Spain or Netherlands. In its points of sale, squishies are grouped by themes: from squishies as a unicorn, a superhero, a giant and a galaxy. That's not all, you can discover other varieties there. The service in the site reassures, moreover the security is guaranteed. You can trust them and you will not be disappointed, neither by the quality of the product, nor by the delivery times.


The squishies free children, as well as young people, from a certain amount of stress. Obtaining one of them has become a real obstacle course, because the places of sale remain rare and the little that remains make it the exhibition on a seasonal basis. In addition, the stock can only satisfy the first people. To remedy this problem, you can get it from your online store. You can choose whatever you want. Do not worry about your children anymore because you can now find their squishies.

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