Jumbo Squishy

Personalized Squishies giant size to decorate your room, Discover the Jumbo Squishies !

The Jumbo Squishies land on Squishies-France. Giant size anti stress pillows, take them if you want to relax instantly. With their fragrant odors and their soft-touch texture, you can only succumb.
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Le Squishy of your dreams on Squishies France

Every year kids are clamoring for the crazy new toy at all costs - trends change so quickly that trying to keep pace can give a parent a boost. This year, kids of virtually all ages (including adults!) Are going wild for the squishies, which only raises questions from parents, but what is a squishy ?

We are here to help you. We have worked hard to become pros squishy game.

Descending anti-stress balls, squishies are toys whose main attraction is not only the bright colors and funny characters, but also the possibility of endlessly squeezing them. The most popular of squishies and the squishy "slow growing," which means that when pressed, they take longer to regain their original shape. "This is what makes a squishy is different from a stress ball. It's more satisfying to "squisher".

The general aesthetics of squishies is to represent "cute" characters, or to be more precise "kawaii"- a Japanese word that means cute, in a way. Think of Takashi Murakami, Hello Kitty, or even (to refer to another toy craze) Shopkins (find our blog article on the history of Kawaii). The Kawaii gives an adorable personality to ordinary items like coffee mugs and chocolate bars. To this end, the squishies often have wide eyes and cute smiles painted on them.

But there are not only Squishies adorable, there is something for everyone from realists to terrifying halloween squsihies, find your squishy favorite on Squishies France