Hand Spinner

How to use a Handspinner ?

In case you haven't seen one yet, the Handspinner are nice little handpieces. They are very often designed with a circle that contains paddle-shaped wings that can turn between your fingers.

Just like a helicopter or a fan, the Handspinner can be turned with your finger for a few minutes, which produces a satisfying and soothing effect. They are normally plastic and may contain pieces of metal. They are light and simple to transport, which makes them extremely convenient. But basically, how should they be used?

Here are some answers.


Le Handspinner is a small device that fits in your hand

Le Handspinner is generally made up of two parts:

  • a central bearing that you grab with your index finger and thumb
  • a rotating three-pronged blade (resembling a rounded Chinese throwing star) that spins around it once you kick it with your free hand.


There are more wacky designs that don't fit this pattern (like the multi-bladed gear version), but they generally stick to the same plan.

The feel that comes from holding a fast-spinning contraption justifies much of its appeal. As you tilt it back and forth as it hums, you can feel the different rotational forces ripple through your hand.

The real pleasure comes from your attempts to perform various movements. As you twist, it can be balanced over your fingers, toes, and if you're really daring, your nose or forehead. If you have more than one, you can stack them on top of each other and create a spinning tower that plays with your eyes.


The use of Handspinner

In one Handspinner, you hold the center of a ball bearing, the outer bearing race rotates, and the outer parts of the race rotate with the outer bearing race.

A simple movement with a finger or a quick twist of the wrist sets the object in motion, and this continues for a while.

To keep it simple, just hold the middle of the roulette wheel between your index finger and thumb as if you were taking it. Then, touch one of the outer branches with your middle finger and watch it spin.

Unlike many toys and gadgets, the Handspinner does not need to be recharged to work. So it can be used anywhere and anytime.

You can also lay the roulette wheel on a table and hold its center with your index finger.

Use your other hand to brush one of the branches, then release it with your index finger. Depending on the type of spinner you have, it should spin steadily for a while.


The various uses of Handspinner

Some people think that the Handspinner would be useful to help with concentration. It is considered to be a useful device to help certain children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), autism, or other special educational needs that affect concentration or their sensory experiences.

The device can also help with fine motor skills. Some musicians are known to use the Handspinner to exercise their fingers before a performance.

The Handspinner have been used in recent years to reduce stress, by rotating the branches, helping the user to "move" and clear their mind.

With the popularization of the use of Handspinner for stress reduction, it justifies that there is an increase in the number of workers who use it in offices. 


What you should remember about the fidget-spinner

Le Handspinner is not an object that requires a manual for its use. The grip is quite easy and it is possible to perform several movements according to your sensations.

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