Squishies : Everything you wanted to know about the most kawaii gadgets!

Kawaii, Squishies -

Squishies : Everything you wanted to know about the most kawaii gadgets!

They're cute, collectable, and seriously press down on, but how well do you really know your squishies ?

From incredibly soft starfish to fantastically flexible food, there's a whole world of sweetness to explore. If you are looking to keep it Kawaii, You are in the right place.

And remember, when the going gets tough ... tough guys get soft!

what is a Squishy ?

The squishies are super soft and come in every form you can imagine.

So if you are looking for adorable ice cream shaped key chains or wonderful winged unicorns, you can tell that there is a squishie out there just for you.

What size of Squishies can I get ?

You want a small Squishy ? No problem, there's a tiny teacup with your name on it.

What if you're looking for something a little bigger? So a large Squishy with strawberries or larger than life bread should whet your appetite!

What are the Squishies ?

The squishies are made from a material known as polyurethane - which we generally call mousse.

But it's not the kind of suds you find in a bubble bath or in the dish tub - and you won't need to tear up your precious squishy in the shape of a penguin to find out!

This foam - created by a German inventor called Otto in the last century - was traditionally used to make seats in cars until a smart person in Japan came up with the idea of squishies !

So why a Squishy is it so soft?

The foam used in squishies was designed to be flexible enough to sit on but also elastic enough not to be crushed flat.

But it turns out that these qualities make the perfect foam - for crushing!

How are the Squishies ?

Although many squishies are bought in stores, you can actually make your own squishies using household items. Don't forget to ask your parents for help!

And if you want to know how to make a squishy yourself, check out our handy guide here.

What are the Squishies ?

Quite simply, the squishies are used to crush - and to crush well!

But it's not just the fact that they're good for crushing that makes them squishies so sought after.

Why collect Squishies ?

Where to start ? Well when you start to collect these kawaii, you'll discover a whole world of colorful cuteness - and we all need color and cuteness in our lives, right?

And guess what? They smell great too, so what's wrong?

Why do the squishies are they so popular?
We told you that squishies are cute, aren't they?

And colorful, isn't it?

Other than that, the large amount of squishies on offer means there will always be something spongy to entice you and your friends.

So if you are looking for squishies, big or small, you will find something that can be crushed and that rises slowly according to your mood.
So what's the craziest squishie I could collect?
Donuts tickle you or a stuffed cat is more your thing?

You might be Disney crazy or just obsessed with sweets! Whatever you want, the squishie world has something for you.

But what if you were to ask us? Well the Squishy poo-shaped scent would win hands down.

But don't worry, it doesn't smell like real poop!
And for small budgets, we also have a collection of Squishy cheap !