All about the Hand Spinner

All about the Hand Spinner

The games and entertainment industry has produced for years many gadgets that have been used by different generations. Among these gadgets is the Hand Spinner.

This gadget of another kind has functions and special characteristics that mark the spirits. Children, young people and the elderly are each the target of this new entertainment tool. You will discover through our writings, all the elements that will put an end to all the suspense that is behind this object.

Le Handspinner : What is it about ?

As its name in translation suggests, the fidget spinner is the hand turner. In other words, the Hand-Spinner is that small hand object that looks like a fan propeller. miniaturized. It is designed in various styles and with patterns that are likely to bewitch you. The Hand-Spinner therefore consists of a round part to which are attached three blades, four blades or any other form of mobile branch.

The design of this technical object draws its inspiration from the need or the desire to be able to hold an object in the hands and to observe it doing its turns. While holding a fan propeller or other similar object and spinning in our hands could be uncomfortable or painful, having a Hand-Spinner is a different kind of thrill.  

Description of the Hand-Spinner

Usually made of plastic, the Hand-Spinner is a toy specially designed to be pleasant to you. With very varied colors and sometimes associated with various models, Hand-Spinners are very easy to transport and handle.

Its circular shape and its stainless steel bearing or bearing give it very good aerodynamic capacity. The Hand Spinner is therefore made up as follows:

A stable central part

Usually round, the central part of the Hand-Spinner serves as an axis of rotation for the abutment. Indeed, maintained at a position of inertia thanks to the index finger and the thumb, the round part of the Hand-Spinner maintains the rotational movement of the second element. Stainless steel or ball bearings serve as clearances between the two elements.

A rotating abutment

This is obviously the part that rotates around the main axis. This rotating blade with a flat structure, usually has the shape of a Japanese Ninjas star.

Le Handspinner therefore has the power to immerse you in this universe of Chinese or Japanese combat films. But what will reassure you is that it is harmless and is designed to relax and entertain you. In addition, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the Hand Spinner is energetically independent. You will not need batteries or electric current to enjoy your Hand Spinner. Thus, the Hand-Spinner is very practical and passively expensive.

How to use a Handspinner ?

With Handspinner, discover all the pleasure of seeing an object spinning quickly enough in your hands. It is accessible to anyone over 5 years old. Its use is quite simple. You will see that it is really child's play.

Unravel the mysteries of kinetic energy by rotating your technical object with a simple gesture of your hand for a few minutes. In fact, all you need to do is hold the central part of the Hand-Spinner with your thumb and forefinger, then give it a little momentum using your other hand.

Achieve a greater feat by training the rotating blade in the same rotating mobility with a very lively twisting motion of your wrist. The initial spin speed you give it will spin as long as possible.

You could go to the meeting of the thrills with your Hand-Spinner, by letting it spin on your stomach, your head, your arm. Place your Hand-Spinner in rotation on any part of your body to feel its vibratory effects. You could also take advantage of the small draft caused by a Hand-Spinner trained in its movement.  

What are the functions or uses of Handspinner ?

The Hand Spinner is a gadget that everyone should have in their home. This object, which may be trivial for some, is of great use to many. This small object that you can take everywhere with you will be useful in many situations.

First, the Hand Spinner is a definite asset for anyone who would like to have fun on a regular basis. Indeed, the fact of propelling your Hand Spinner and seeing it fly away in a continuous rotation allows you to enjoy some beautiful moments. With the Handspinner, you and your children will have a safe entertainment solution.

Second, the Hand Spinner is a tool that allows its user to relax his mind. It makes him forget for a moment everything that revolves around him. Thanks to its attractive and relaxing faculty, this little gem allows you to spend moments a little disconnected from reality. It will be useful to its user for your stress problems and will be an open window for you to escape.

Third, the Hand Spinner is a useful tool for anyone who has trouble finding focus. To this end, certain hypotheses stipulate that the constant use of the Hand Spinner could lead to improving one's concentration. The exercise consists of trying to focus all of your attention on the moving object. The more you practice, the more you manage to focus your mind on a single goal. This other asset is beneficial for young people.

The different models of Hand-Spinner

There are several models of Handspinners all fantastic and quite unique. The designer of these different Handspinners is just inspired by the elements around it. This is why we hear about the Handspinner card, from Handspinner Shuriken, the Handspinner sunflower and Handspinner sheriff. Here are some details about these different models.

Le Handspinner carte

Hand spinner golden cards

Find a Hand Spinner with three groups of well-arranged and printed cards that take the place of pale. This model of Hand spinner which links these groups of cards around an axis of rotation produces a rather singular effect. Imagine the scenario when it soars in its rotational movement.

The Hand Spinner Shuriken   

hand spinner shuriken

This model plunges the person who owns it into the very heart of Japanese civilization. The paddles of this Handspinner mobiles around the round part can have various shapes and colors. This is why we will distinguish the golden Hand Spinner Shuriken and the Hand Spinner Shuriken Naruto.  

The Sunflower Hand Spinner

Hand Spinner Sunflower

Le Handspinner sunflower brings you back to nature with its shape of sunflower flowers.

The Hand Spinner Sherif

Hand spinner golden sheriff star

Le Hand Spinner Sheriff is just a copy of a sheriff's medal hence its name Handspinner sheriff. Only it is suitable here for the fun, entertainment and fun of its manipulator. Spinning this sheriff medal in your hands will certainly take you on a journey into the world of western movies.



Le Handspinner is a tool that can make many dreams come true. Small, harmless and easy to handle, the Handspinner exists under different models, each of them referring to evocative themes. Although being very useful, the use of this toy nevertheless requires the implementation of certain restrictions, especially in children.