Top 10 of the best Squishies

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Top 10 of the best Squishies

Discover the TOP 10 Squishies France of Squishies the cutest and kawaii ! 

Remember that this is not a ranking but our selection of the best Squishy according to our team, the cutest, sweetest and best scented. Do not hesitate to look at our collection of Squishies and post a comment with your personal ranking!

Squishy galaxy reindeer cake:

squishy galaxy reindeer cake

Squishy cactus kawaii :

squishy cactus kawaii

Squishy unicorn donut:

Squishy unicorn donut

Squishy rainbow kawaii :

Squishy Panda

Squishy waffle kawaii :

Squishy waffle kawaii

Squishy cookie kawaii :

Squishy cookie kawaii

Squishy Fortnite pink llama:

Squishy pink fortnite llama

Squishy galaxy rabbit:

Squishy galaxy rabbit

Squishy galaxy kitten:

Squishy galaxy kitten

Squishy rainbow ice kawaii :

Squishy rainbow ice kawaii*
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We love you - The team Squishies France