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The games and entertainment industry has produced for years many gadgets that have been used by different generations. Among these gadgets is the Hand-Spinner. This gadget of another kind has functions and special characteristics that mark the spirits. Children, young people and the elderly are each the target of this new entertainment tool. You will discover through our writings, all the elements that will put an end to all the suspense that is behind this object. The Handspinner : What is it about ? As its name in translation suggests, the Fidget-Spinner is the ...


These little stress relief items for children are becoming increasingly rare. And for good reason, the places to find them are less and less numerous. This deficit is due to the fact that they are not sold every day, and the shops which sell them remain hardly visible. If you are looking for anti-stress, we suggest you visit two places. You can easily acquire your squishies.


Kawaii, Squishies -

They're cute, collectable, and seriously press down on, but how well do you really know your squishies ?

From incredibly soft starfish to fantastically flexible food, there's a whole world of sweetness to explore. If you are looking to keep it Kawaii, You are in the right place.

And remember, when the going gets tough ... tough guys get soft!


Anti-Stress -

Every morning we wake up to live our daily routine once again. Fortunately, we have the weekends to release the pressure and recharge our batteries. But these sometimes come a little late. Or it is the stress which arrives much too quickly… What to do? We've all been through that frustrating moment when we want to hit something or someone really hard but it's not right. This is precisely why toys (yes toys) have appeared to free us, at least partially, from what can hamper our productivity: stress. They are all simply called stress relieving toys. And there is something for everyone.


DIY, Squishies, Tutorial -

If you often play with your Squishies, you will notice that at times dust collects on them, which makes them rough to the touch and makes their colors more dull. In this article we will show you a quick and easy way to clean your Squishies in just a few steps!

If you are a big fan of Squishies, you will have problems if someone borrows them from you or if you accidentally dirty them outside. This is especially true if you own a Squishy Panda Kawaii, the white parts of the Squishy are fairly easy to stain.