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Dear customers, Taking into account current events and all the uncertainties that we encounter, we would like to inform you that remains at your disposal and listening to you. The shipping and sales departments are operational but some orders may be subject to increased delays. However, all deliveries are maintained and you will receive your products as soon as possible. Let us stand together and be responsible in this unprecedented period. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for your loyalty and your trust. Find our free downloadable coloring book to keep you company during the ...


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Personalized Squishies or a spell?

Halloween is coming soon and Squishies have already started their metamorphosis, one more frightening than the other. They will be waiting for you to spin you scares that you have never known before this October 31. 
Discover all the new Halloween specials!

Our website takes on colors:

To celebrate this Halloween, Squishies France changes its dress and puts on its special disguise for the occasion. Do not hesitate to react on this new design on our different social networks.

A special Halloween contest: 

As you have surely seen on our various social networks, we are organizing a special Halloween contest. You can thus win a Jumbo Squishy So scary pumpkin.
To participate, nothing could be simpler, just download the photos below and share it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, mentioning 3 friends and our account.
The draw will take place when the werewolves wake up on October 31 at midnight!

Lots of new Squishies :

Find all Squishies Halloween in a limited edition on our dedicated collection page!
Make your choice ! of the Squishies or a spell?


DIY, Squishies, Tutorial -

Surely you must have bought Squishies long ago. And by dint of abandoning your cute little balls, they have aged: Breakage, loss of color, holes. All these little things that seem trivial at first but that affect the quality of your Squishy over time. 

Give them a new life from now, discover through our videos of makeover how to transform and decorate your Squishies to make them even more beautiful than before. 

Let the artist who sleeps in you speak and unleash your creativity. Cakes, food, furniture, sculpture, everything is possible, you just have to want to. Watch our first makeover video available below.


Squishies -

Remember that this is not a ranking but our selection of the best Squishys according to our team, the cutest, sweetest and best scented. Do not hesitate to look at our collection of Squishies and post a comment with your personal ranking!


Squishies -

While the aptly named stress ball may help release anxiety, that's not the only benefit these little toys offer. For example, playing with a stress ball can help manage and heal scar tissue in your hands. It can also strengthen your hands if you re-educate yourself after recent surgery.  
Anti-stress balls also offer the possibility of increasing concentration. According to a study of a group of students in the Journal of At-Risk Issues, students who used an anti-stress ball in the classroom were less distracted.  
Although you can find stress balls of all sizes, shapes and colors, why settle for less than a product specially designed for your comfort? the Squishies by Squishies France offer a gentle massage so that your fingers are strengthened and stretched, which will relieve you of stress and keep you company during your difficult moments.