Toys to fight stress

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Toys to fight stress

Every morning we wake up to live our daily routine once again. Fortunately, we have the weekends to release the pressure and recharge our batteries. But these sometimes come a little late. Or it is the stress which arrives much too quickly… What to do? We've all been through that frustrating moment when we want to hit something or someone really hard but it's not right. This is precisely why toys (yes toys) have appeared to free us, at least partially, from what can hamper our productivity: stress. They are all simply called stress relieving toys. And there is something for everyone.


The new trend, Squishies :

The Squishies are among the most popular. Also called " squishy kawaii »In Japanese, these are small soft structures that you can mix as you wish. This object made its appearance in the second half of the twentieth century when a certain company decided to make a replica of the earth which was easy to poke and manhandle but which was also flexible and resistant.

squishy globe

Years go by and its use only increases in a world that is changing and more and more agitated. The squishy allows you to transfer all the tension that its user feels and to get rid of it by letting go. The characteristics of this toy allow to redo the maneuver as many times as necessary to evacuate everything. And it is now possible to find them in all shapes and colors according to the theme of your choice. But surely you are thinking that something so beneficial must cost a lot? Well no, you can get it at a very reasonable price and you can even make it with materials that are easy to find such as: a balloon, rice or sugar, water, toothpaste, etc ... 

So much to see... Squishies Low price


Other anti-stress toys:

Other types of anti-stress toys have also appeared, and more particularly those made with magnets. Obviously they are not as soft as the Squishies but they are still a great way to de-stress and pass the time. There are also several types such as magnets in the shape of small bricks which allow many architectural structures to be made such as houses, bridges; or other forms like cars and many others. It will allow you to think of something else and thus forget the source of your frustration. Magnetic rings not only free your mind but also give you the opportunity to improve your dexterity. Here you have the possibility to perform maneuvers ranging from the simple to a very complex level depending on your habit and your skills and all this only by using your fingers.

These are just examples, but there are so many stress relieving toys that you will surely find what will suit you the best. You can also make it yourself at home while recycling. These homemade toys that provide entertainment, research and creativity are also a great way to release your stress.

So calm down and choose well. Stress will no longer have the upper hand on you and your activities.