What are squishies ?

Squishies -

What are squishies ?

what is a Squishy ?

What is a squishy

You have certainly seen Squishies all over the internet and you've probably wondered: What is that ?! Besides the fact that a Squishy is incredibly adorable and cute, these little items can help you more than you ever imagined.
The Squishies are soft toys similar to classic stress balls. When you feel a little depressed or the work becomes too demanding, do not worry and take your Squishies. Made of organic foam, you can squeeze your Squishy again and again and it will return to its original shape.
The Squishies exist in different forms.
The Squishies the most popular include forms of fruit and cats, candy and bears. Some Squishies have another role: when pressed, they give off a sensational scent in the air that is intended to calm you down. Some give off irresistible scents of vanilla and chocolate while giving you a pleasant feeling to the touch.
The Squishies can be pocket-sized, as well as jumbo for those who need a cuddly toy. Discover our collection now!

Where do Squishies ?

The Squishies originated in Japan over XNUMX years ago. Like so many cute trends, Squishies came to life in Tokyo and were created as a pretty stress ball. In a country where too many people feel the pressure of daily work, having a small pocket stress ball, cute and cute at the same time, seemed like a great way to reduce stress.

Where to buy Squishies ?

Take a look at our catalog of Squishies : Regular collection et collection Jumbo; and be sure to order the one that best suits your mood. We already have over 60 models available and many more are coming so stay tuned!