How to do a Squishy ?

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How to do a Squishy ?

You want to know how to actually create your own Squishy ? Then you have come to the right place!

There are many ways to create a squishy from scratch: with a sponge, with foam, with clay, with paper, or even with a balloon!

How to do a Squishy with a sponge?

First of all, you need to find a sponge of the right size and above all one that you have never used for washing dishes. Then cut the sponge into the desired shape, in the shape of a fruit for example, or even in the shape of an animal or cartoon characters! You can then move on to the painting stage to create the squishy of your dreams that will relax you every day! 

How to do a Squishy with foam?

The technique of Squishy foam is not much more complex than that of sponge. All you have to do is find foam in large areas and cut the foam into the shape of your choice. You will have created your Squishy personalized in a very fast and very simple way once you've painted it!

How to do a Squishy with clay?

If clay doesn't scare you, it's time to give free rein to your imagination for the creation of your Squishy tailored. Unleash your creative spirit! 

Use polymer clay for this, give it the shape you want and then put it in the oven! 

Once the Squishy will have hardened, it will have its final shape, you can then start the painting stage to make it truly unique!

How to create a Squishy with paper?

To create this type of Squishy, make a small sketch with a piece of paper and a pen. Then fold the paper in half with the design facing you (split the design) and cover the paper with masking tape to secure it. You can then close it with the adhesive tape while leaving a small hole for the filling. To fill your Squishy, you can use the down of a synthetic pillow or paper or plastic for example.


How to do a Squishy with a ball? 

The objective here will be to use a balloon to achieve create your Squishy ! You can fill it with the material of your choice. We advise you to use flour for this type of Squishy. You can use a leaf as a funnel to fill your balloon neatly. Remove as much air as possible then tie a knot. 

We recommend using markers to make your little Squishy really unique, instead of the paint which would not hold on the material of the balloon. 

 If you like the idea of ​​painting your Squishy, we recommend this adorable Squishy unicorn to paint !

Finally, if you can't find the time to create your own Squishy, take a look at our fabulous collection of Squishies of all kinds, there is something for everyone: